More From Peugeot - The 1007

The Peugeot 1007 has attracted plenty of attention. The car offers some unique and attractive features. The Peugeot will definitely be able to compete within its sector. Rival brands include the Renault Modus and Honda Jazz.
The car’s most intriguing feature is its sliding electric side doors. It’s virtually the same system that has been used for years on the Peugeot 807 people carrier. This will be a very attractive feature for family buyers due to the convenience that the doors offer.
Despite the fact that the Peugeot 1007 is only a four-seater the car offers many MPV-style benefits. The vehicle adds so much ease to accessing the cabin and parents will like the hassle that is taken out of loading small children or disabled passengers. The doors open easily and will be a big selling point for many buyers.
There are also MPV-style drawbacks. The additional motors for the doors weigh the vehicle down somewhat, and the 1007 lacks shape and style much like most full blown MPVs. The 1007 also doesn’t deliver a very involved driving experience, also similar to full blown MPVs. The vehicle is very competent however, and does what it was designed to do.
The car’s interior is customizable to suit individual tastes, and the car enjoys a generous standard level of specification. The car’s automatic gearbox makes it an easy car to drive and the car scored excellent in crash test ratings.
The 1007 has a higher initial purchase price than most of its competitors, but also comes with a higher level of standard specification than most of its rivals. Insurance and running costs will be low, and repairs should be fairly inexpensive as well.
Cabin space in the 1007 is adequate. The four-seater offers adequate passengers space for most passengers to ride comfortably. The rear seats fold own but can’t be removed completely. Cabin space is not as abundant as one might think.
The car’s controls and dials aren’t fancy or complicated, but they are functional and they all do what you would expect them to. The displays are large and easy to read, and the car comes with the ability to customize cain colours for a touch of fun.
The 1007 scores well on comfort.The car delivers a comfortable ride for the most part but taller passengers may find that legroom in the rear is limited. Engine and road noise are loud during motorway speeds, but other than that the 1007 is quite comfortable.
The car’s rear seats are individual seats and not bench style. This raises the level of accessibility and comfort for rear passengers. Accessibility is good all-round and the car’s boot is not large, but it is highly accessible.
The 1007 is super easy to park. Steering is light and large side mirrors coupled with a high drive position provide good all-round visibility. Parking is fairly hassle free in the 1007.
Life Style
The 1007 doesn’t provide much in the way of a driving experience, but it is a practical car to drive. The diesel engine with manual gearbox is the most satisfying combination, but the other options aren’t bad either.
The 1007 doesn’t provide enough cabin space to be a family car. The boot is too small and the car only accommodates four passengers. It would make an excellent second car to a family or even a commuter car.
The 1007 is not likely to be the choice of first time car buyers. The car is too big and for the money there are better choices available. The car is easy enough to drive and park tough, but it may lack style that many younger buyers desire.
The car’s quality and appeal are average. Aside from the car’s sliding doors there isn’t anything too unique or impressive about the car. A good number of buyers are likely to find the appeal of the sliding doors enough of a reason to purchase a very practical car.
Security and Safety
If the 1007 were to attract the attention of car thieves, it would be protected by remote central locking and deadbolts.
Peugeot claims that the sliding doors are just as safe as regular doors and the car faired well in crash tests. The car’s standard safety features include curtain airbags, side airbags, ABS with EBA and ESP.
The Finishing Touches
The car’s standard audio system includes a radio-CD player with six speakers. The system provides good sound quality and upgrades are available from the options list.
Sport models and Dolce models are mechanically identical. Most of the differences are cosmetic. Buyers receive a ‘Cameleo’ kit which allows them to customize some of the cabins elements in colours to suit their individual tastes.
The Peugeot 1007 provides a safe, practical mode of transportation with sliding doors that greatly improve the car’s accessibility. The 1007’s rivals may have more appealing purchase prices which might lure buyers away from the bland style of the 1007.